Objectives of CAP:


➢ To formulate policies for Pakistani Consumers.
➢ To promote consumer’s rights & responsibilities which are :
❖ The right to satisfaction of basic needs.
❖ The right to safety.
❖ The right to be informed.
❖ The right to choose.
❖ The right to be heard.
❖ The right to redress.
❖ The right to consumer education.
❖ The right to a healthy environment.
➢ To encourage a high level of ethical practices in the market.
➢ To curb abusive business practices.
➢ To develop fair effective market economics.
➢ To facilitate the development of consumers groups at the grass-root level.
➢ To attain further international co-operation.
➢ To ensure follow-up of UN guidelines.
➢ To create a standard and healthy environment for consumers to live.
➢ To promote the interests, experience and views of consumers through meetings,
reports, interviews, exhibitions, letters and publications.