Consumers Association Pakistan (CAP) is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and promoting Consumer rights in Pakistan. As an independent body, we strive to provide consumers with unbiased and objective information and advocate for their interests with businesses and Government Authorities. The Consumers Choice Awards Pakistan is an initiative by Mr. Kaukab Iqbal Founder Chairman (CAP) to recognize and honor businesses that prioritize consumer satisfaction and offer exceptional products and services.


The Consumer Choice Award Pakistan, presented by the Consumer Choice Association Pakistan, is a prestigious national award that recognizes businesses that have demonstrated excellence in their respective industries and have met the expectations of their customers. Winning this award is a significant achievement for any business, as it signifies that the business has a strong reputation for providing quality products or services and has earned the trust and loyalty of its customers.

Moreover, receiving the Consumer Choice Award from distinguished dignitaries such as the Honorable President or Prime Minister of Pakistan adds further importance to the award. It highlights the business’s contribution to the country’s economy and its impact on the lives of its citizens. The recognition from such eminent figures underscores the business’s commitment to delivering high-quality products and services that meet the needs of the consumers.


Businesses can self-nominate or be nominated by consumers, other businesses, or industry experts to participate in the Consumer Choice Awards Pakistan event. Winners in a particular year will automatically be nominated to participate in the following year. Voting is open to the public and will be conducted through our website and social media channels. A panel of independent observers/ experts from various industries will also evaluate the nominees based on specific criteria related to customers’ services, product quality, innovation, and social responsibility.


The Consumer Choice Awards Pakistan will recognize businesses across different industries and service providers that excel in various aspects of consumer satisfaction. Some of the award categories include:

•            CEO of The Year Award

•            Consumer Icon Award

•            Consumer Demand Award

•            Consumer Choice Award

The awards scrutinizing/evaluating criteria are based on a combination of Consumers’ feedback and evaluation by independent observers/experts in their fields. The winning criteria will vary depending on the award category but will generally consider factors such as Customer service, product quality, innovation, social responsibility, and after all consumer’s utmost satisfaction.


The Consumer Choice Awards Pakistan aims to create a culture of consumer awareness and empowerment in Pakistan by recognizing and promoting businesses that prioritize consumer satisfaction. By highlighting the best practices of these businesses, we hope to inspire others to follow suit and raise the bar for consumer protection and satisfaction in Pakistan.


•            To recognize and reward businesses that prioritize consumer satisfaction and promote a culture of consumer awareness and empowerment.

•            To provide consumers the objectives and unbiased information about businesses that offer exceptional products and services.

•            To encourage businesses to adopt best practices in customer service, product quality, innovation, and social responsibility.

•            To advocate for consumer interests with businesses and government authorities.

•            To promote a fair and competitive business environment in Pakistan.


•            The business receives official recognition as a Consumer Choice Awards Pakistan winner or nominee.

•            Being promoted on the Consumer Choice Awards Pakistan website and social media channels increases visibility and exposure to potential customers.

•            Businesses can use the Consumer Choice Awards Pakistan logo and recognition in their marketing and promotional materials.

•            Participation in the awards program provides valuable feedback and insights into consumer preferences and expectations.

•            Participation in the awards program can improve the business’s reputation and credibility with consumers. •            The awards program provides an opportunity for businesses to network and build relationships with other industry leaders.

Go to the Consumer Association Pakistan website at www.consumerassociationpakistan.com

1.           Click on the “Consumer Choice Awards Pakistan” tab on the homepage.

2.           Scroll down to find the “Register Now” button and click on it.

3.           Fill out the online registration form with your business information, including the name of your business, contact information, and the award categories you want to register for.

4.           Submit the form and wait for a confirmation email from the Consumer Association Pakistan team.

5.           Once you receive the confirmation email, you can start promoting your registration and encouraging your customers and industry experts to vote for you.

6.           Make sure to follow the award procedures and criteria closely and provide any additional information or documentation required by the Consumer Association Pakistan team prior to or during the evaluation process. If you have any queries or concerns about the registration process, don’t feel any hesitation to contact the Consumers Association of Pakistan team at info@consumerassociationpakistan.com for any assistance.

Good luck!